Join our upcoming webinar to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies. 
Our webinar will cover topics AI Chatbots, Custom GPTs and Business Automations for marketing, sales, and customer service, and provide you with practical tips that you can implement right away.

May 7th at 1:00 pm Live on Website

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Program for the webinar

Get ready for our upcoming webinar program, featuring expert insights and practical tips to help you succeed in your field. Join us to learn, network, and grow your career!
1:00-1:15 PM
1:15-1:40 PM
1:40-2:00 PM

Chris Cooper

Data Analyst
Learn to Be  smart & savvy with automaed workflows with zapier.

Anna Doe

Guest Speaker
Learn to Do in this seminar and we provide some real life examples of Applied use cases.

Introduction to the MXBC LIVE: CTE-T3 webinar

Strategies for Building a Successful  Skill  Pathways
Learn to know AI Chatbots with the speakers and familiarize yourself with the personal and business personalized pre trained bot network.

Meet Our Speakers

You’ll have the chance to interact with industry professionals and ask any burning questions you have to your instructor in real time! Learn from Mario Duerson, Charles Burns, Nicole Hayden and other incredible professionals.

Mario Duersn

Charles Burns 

Nicole Hayden